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What is a lead? Meaning of lead magnet, lead nurturing y lead scoring


Marketing What is a Lead

If I say the words light, light magnet, light Nour Touring lead scoring, does it sound like Chinese to you?
You are on the You Català channel of your business dreams come true. And today I want to show you what these words mean and how you can apply them in your marketing strategy.

A LÍT is a contact of a potential customer. This can be obtained in different ways, but usually it is the person who will leave you their data through some type of form. This can be written physically or through a form on your website. Nowadays, when we talk about LÍT, it is rather the second case, since it is used in practically all digital marketing strategies. And why are leads so important? Is it a person or company that is interested in your sector and that could become a client? Perhaps they are not yet interested in your product or service, but that is why it is so important to have leads in our database, because that way we can communicate with them so that little by little they get to know our product.

 How can we do this capture of leads in digital marketing? What we use to capture leads is what we call a lead magnet. Magnet in English means magnet and it is what we will use to attract those leads. What shape is a magnet? A magnet can be anything for which our potential clients are willing to leave us their contact. It can be, for example, a downloadable as a PDF with information, a mini course, etc. or for example, enter a sweepstakes. At the end of the video I will leave you a link where you can download a PDF with three examples of different magnets that we use on Judith's website each ya.com. If this is what I am doing now is to offer a magnet, in case you were wondering, I assure you that it is worth downloading it because there are three very different magnates who can serve, who can serve as an example. You can copy them by changing to your sector. If you want, I give you all my permission. 

And remember that if you download that PDF you can always subscribe whenever you want. That is something very important to keep in mind. We don't want leads that aren't interesting. So make it easy for them to leave. If they don't want to be on your list once we have leads in our database. What is the Deep North Touring? It is not good to present an offer to a potential customer who is not yet ready to buy. In fact, it can generate rejection even our machine. Towards our brand and that they consider us as spam.
They have that 9 for 200 bucks a day in the store up to 1000 euros, 1000 euros, 200 bucks ta new fucking. Latest model.
Would you buy something from someone you don't know at all, no matter how cheap the offer is? I do not think so. At least most of us wouldn't. These leads are collected so that they can be matured with soft or soft content, such as educational content of interest to them.
But I insist, never an offer, only when they are ready. We will launch our offer to you in that Být North Durin process. The potential client receives a series of fully automated emails. Watch out! This process should not be confused with the one that the client receives our weekly newsletter.

This is not Littlewood Turing in the Lett North Turing. We go to fixed shot and we give you content 100 percent related to what you have shown interest.
For example, if the person has downloaded a guide on Facebook Ads, we will continue to talk about it. It is not going to help that a few weeks receive a newsletter about YouTube and another week about SEO. If what we want is for you to end up buying our Facebook Ads services.

So through a marketing automation self-medication software, we will see the behavior of the LÍT and according to it, the software will send some Cinemax or others fully automated depending on what it does. This LÍT according to the behavior of the LÍT, we can also assess how willing they would be to buy our product. This is called lead scoring or also called lift qualification. I wish all the leads ended up being customers, but this is not going to be the case. Even if you are the greatest marketing guru in the universe. And if we have to decide which is which? We are going to dedicate effort, for example, to pass them through the sales department so that they can contact them.

First you have to assess whether they are interesting or not. The marketing automation software can also do it in an automated way, giving a grade to the LÍT according to its behavior regarding the order of the Liet Nursery Polite scoring.
There are two schools, the ones that first do the Latnok Turing, that is, mature the leads and then assess whether they are potential buyers. In other words, it does scoring or is there another school that does the opposite. First, see if they are interesting to move on to the maturation process or put them aside and not put any effort into it, making a summary of everything learned.

1. We use a magnet to capture leads 2 North Turing We mature leads 3 Lead Scoring, we qualify those leads and 4 we launch the offer. As I was saying, the first and most important step is to capture those leads. So, as I promised, here is the download with the PDF with three types of lead magnet that you can apply in your company.

I have already told you, you can change the concept and copy it calmly. I assure you they work extremely well. Every day we receive hundreds of leads thanks to them.

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