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What is email marketing ▶ ︎ How to do email marketing


Email Marketing What is

Email marketing is the promotion of products and services through email. Building an email list is vital to the success of your business, because it is the most direct means of communication with your fans and future customers. If your goal is to get customers with the help of the Internet, you should focus on getting started and growing your email list as soon as possible. Email marketing, unlike social networks or other platforms, allows you to notify your followers or potential customers of new events, promotions, relevant news of your products or services in a more direct and personal way.

The number of email users worldwide for 2019 is projected at 2.9 billion you on Instagram or Facebook. You can try messaging one by one of your followers, which can take hours or days depending on the number of followers you have. On the other hand, with email marketing you can schedule a message in a matter of minutes to all your subscribers or contacts who are voluntarily on your list so that the day and time you want arrives. This is knowing how to send mass emails saving time and money. In addition, you can check how many and who interacted with the messages in almost real time, which allows you to measure and improve your campaigns.

Best of all, it's the automation feature that allows you to create an autopilot process to capture leads and then follow up on them until they become buyers. And if we want to go a little further, continue the follow-up to return recurring customers. According to Harvard Business Review, among the seven marketing technologies that every company should use is email marketing and automation. For this reason, my team and I created a free video guide where we teach you step by step how to do effective email marketing with the right tools and technology.

In the guide, we recommend the software that I use in my businesses, since it has been very easy to use and also allows you to create automation functions for follow-up and sales that are indispensable today for any business. In the description of this video you can find the link to the video guide with the steps to start automating the marketing of your business as soon as possible and making the Internet work for you.

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