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Marketing Research Report Sample In On Minute

Marketing Research Report Sample

Market Research has as its main objective the collection, analysis and interpretation of relevant market information, as well as obtaining greater knowledge of the customer and their purchasing behavior. Market research has three objectives. Social objective to satisfy the needs of consumers by fulfilling brand promises. Economic objective Helps to determine the degree of success in the demand for a product or service in the market. Administrative objective It allows better planning and optimization of resources in order to deliver the product in a timely manner to the final consumer. Some of the advantages that market research offers for the company are a better knowledge of what is happening in the market and with the competition.

Determine which are the main socio-cultural and consumer trends. Knowing the level of positioning of the products allows choosing the most appropriate sales strategy and distribution channels for the company's products.

With this data, the company has solid tools and knowledge for better decision making. This was marketing in a minute.

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