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Marketing research process


Marketing Research Process

1. What is a market study? Tune your idea to the market of your choice. It consists of researching and analyzing information to better understand the market and your product or service.

2. When to do it? Do it before launching your company and once it is up and running. Repeat it to know whether to continue like this or change something.

3. What advantages do they give you? It is a ground wire that gives you data to identify and solve problems, minimize risks, support your decisions and check if your business will work. For example, if you sell toys, your place should not be in a bar area, hence you need to identify well what your market is and where it is before launching your business.

4. How much to invest in a market study? You do not need to invest a lot of money, but you do need time and dedication for the results to serve you.

5. What stages does it have? These are the main stages that we will see in the next video. Identify the problem. Set the objective. Define a study group. Choose the sources of information. Analyze the information and find out how.

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