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Marketing Research Focus Groups

Marketing Research Focus Groups

Have you ever wondered how companies know what we really like? Today we will talk about what is market research and what are the types of research.

Market research is a tool that is widely used by companies to identify all the needs that we present as consumers and thus later design strategies that are focused on us. This research is made up of various instruments and techniques that, when applied, generates information with a high degree of validity and, above all, reliability regarding the behaviors and characteristics of a market. However, in order to generate information, it is important that a process be developed where information is acquired, recorded, processed and analyzed on issues that have to do with customers, competitors and the market.

It is important to mention that this type of research helps us create the strategic plan of the company, prepare the launch of a product, service or simply facilitate the development of products that have already been launched. Depending on the life cycle. Based on this, it is sought to ensure that the company has an adequate orientation of its strategies so that it can satisfy the needs of consumers, generating durable products that allow the success and advancement of the company.

 This is very important because it gives companies all that possibility to learn and learn more about current and potential customers. It is worth mentioning that market research is a discipline that has contributed to the development of marketing and especially to the industry in general, since it draws on various disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, statistics, communication, among others. It is very important to emphasize that market research has a single purpose, which is based on helping companies make the decisions they will have about the development and marketing of different goods and services. On the other hand, market research is considered as the representation of the Busted client, both inside and outside of business organizations. But like any investigation process it is based on a series of planning and execution steps.

In this case it consists of six. Which are Definition of the problem and development of the problem. Research design. Data collection. Preparation of data analysis and report preparation. There are several types of investigations which we will mention below. Exploratory research typically provides the investigator's knowledge and understanding of the problem. Being studies that try to describe the situation without trying to explain the relationships that were found. Conclusive research This simply helps the decision maker to determine, evaluate and select the best alternative. Another well-known way of how market research should be classified is qualitative or quantitative, depending on the way of accessing the information. Let's start with qualitative research. It is all that research of an exploratory nature.

It aims to determine aspects of human behavior such as motivations, attitudes, intentions, beliefs, likes, dislikes and preferences. Commonly, this type of research is presented to all those people to whom it is intended to direct, be it a product or service.

Therefore, the research subjects may vary, so that profiles such as geographic, demographic, psychological, etc. are delimited. This type of research is used to obtain prior information on a field or problem for which there is no data, such as determining behaviors and motivations. The techniques used in this type of research are called qualitative techniques and the main ones are to carry out in-depth interviews.

Normally it is a meeting between an interviewer and the interviewee in which it is intended to obtain information regarding the beliefs, motivations or opinions about the interviewee. This is done with the support of a question guide to guide the interview. This technique generates in-depth information on a specific topic. Group techniques are sessions of several interviewees and interviewers where a conversation usually takes place with a single purpose and specific topic. They are also led through a guide. Questions and their purpose is the analysis based on the presentation of the idea of ​​the interviewees, generating discussion topics. Observation consists of observing people for the sole purpose of obtaining information necessary for an investigation. And finally, we have qualitative research. It simply reflects what really happens in a market, that is, it offers answers to the one you buy. When you buy, how much you buy, where you buy and how it happens, the facts in segments that are already defined. This research is structured and decisive.

It is carried out among a large number of interviewees individually. Here normally surveys and observation are used as a tool. All these data are reflected numerically for their respective analyzes. And to finish. Let's recap. Market research are all those tools that are used by companies to identify the needs that we present as consumers and later design strategies that will be directed towards us. And so later we have at our disposal all those products or services at the right time and place. All of this is achieved through qualitative and quantitative research that other types of market research are familiar with. Let me know in the comments. Greetings and don't forget to subscribe with notifications turned on for more videos like this one. In the same way, share it on your social networks so that it reaches more people interested in the subject. Without more to mention. See you next week with a new video. Bye.

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