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How to do market research online


Marketing Research Online

It seems a lie, but while we are evolving in our own businesses, we forget to think and put our client at the center, who will finally be the one who makes our business profitable and the one who makes it grow and recommends us for that. Well, obviously you have to do a little research and get a little creative to see how to get your attention and attract you with something of value so that you decide to be our customer and start consuming us.

For that I ask you to first take something into account. Call your team, your partners, your cousins, your uncles, whoever you want and ask who your client can be according to the service you are giving. Take note, take a space to really see and identify who that person would be. I would tell them that after that do something much more conscious within their work teams to be able to assign three to four characters that could be this client. And I highly recommend that you even put a name once you have these three or four, no more than four, because if there are not going to be many people to card holders for a long time and probably we will not have enough hands to generate the content of value. So I think it is a good figure so that we can go more to the quality of the clients that we are going to attract than to the number of clients that we are going to achieve, since they have these three characters for each one. I suggest you start with this exercise, make a diagram where you put this character in the center of the diagram and first ask yourself what do you see? What do you see? Since you get up in the morning, you wake up, you turn off the alarm clock and probably what you do? It is a person who turns on the television to watch the news or perhaps the first thing he does is check his cell phone to check the state of the weather that day.

Put yourself very well in his shoes to see what he really is, how he moves in his daily life. And while they are drawing, what is it that they are seeing, what are the needs that it begins to have. Once they finish thinking about what they see from their commute to work, their commute home, their object, where they are going to eat, and so on. Do the same exercise, but thinking about what you hear. Do you listen to the radio, listen to streaming, are you listening to a specific podcast, do you listen to a news channel, do you have a preference for a certain type of music? And put the diagram of the day as we put it in what is visually the content that this person is receiving? What do you hear? Once they are done with what do they hear? Let's repeat the same exercise, but thinking about what this person is saying.

 Remember that to say something there is already a cognitive process in the brain. Then what it says has much more weight too. So when you wake up, you might say hello to someone because you were with someone. Maybe he has children and gives them some advice even when they get to work. What do you talk about with your colleagues at work? What do you talk about when you talk to your mom in the afternoon? What does he talk about with his brothers in his chat, WhatsApp WhatsApp? What is this person saying normally and during the day? Once they have finished that process, we repeat it again. They are advised to see what he thinks about during the day when he wakes up, which is the first thing he thinks about, the homework he has to do to work or perhaps the homework and work that has to come. And so throughout the day, which is normally what you are thinking, with what you are seeing, with what you are listening and with what you are saying. Once you finish that process of that day, of that character that you chose, that you think is your client or perhaps you already have proof that your client, I invite you to think about two very important elements of this Kety. The first is that you are worried, are you worried about the mortgage on your house that they have to pay, are you worried about money, you ask, are you worried about global warming?
Are you worried about your social life? So really take the time to say what this client is concerned about. Once you have solved all of them, I invite you to think about what this client aspires to. Aspire to be a social entrepreneur.

Do you aspire to have many cars, to be a superhero? I dont know. You get creative to think about what this person wants to reach and how they will be able to reach this realization. Of your life, once you have raised it, I highly recommend that you do it in a visual way and with. with lots of help from their teams to make it brainstorming, the more ideas the better. And then, once you've raised, put on this client's loafers. They were going to see that he already has endless ideas. Where can we draw the attention of this client, either by knowing him and now empathizing with his personality is going to be power.

We will be able to create valuable content that will be able to help you much more and we will then be able to cause a better empathy with our brands as well. Once that, that they have done that, we are going to start generating this content, but always keep this golden rule that is to maintain respect for the client. To what extent does it become an intrusive boundary that I am rattling him this way, that I am drawing him this way? And to what extent can it be something of value to him? I highly recommend asking these two questions. The first is I would like to receive this type of content. If the answer is no, immediately make a ball of paper and the trash can. 

If the answer is yes, ask yourself the following question Would my client like to receive this type of content? Many times we tend to think that everything that we would like, our client would like. And yet, with these exercises, the only thing we want is that you can generate better content than one respects it. 2. Be of interest to you.
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