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How Network Marketing Works


Network Marketing What is

Let me ask you a quick question. When did you first try that energy drink that you love so much? How many friends did you recommend it to? Five, ten, fifteen friends? If you're like most people, something similar to this may happen. You had a really good experience with the product, so you started telling your friends, family, and co-workers about it. To make this example simpler, let's assume that you only picked five friends and each of these friends liked it and told five of their friends and those friends started sharing it with their friends. And so the number of people who got to know the product continued to grow.

This is what is called word of mouth advertising. When those first five friends told five friends, they became twenty-five. And when those twenty-five counted it to five more each, they became 125. Then those 125 became 625. After that, 625 were already three thousand 125. And it turns out that those 3000 125 told five of their friends. Your recommendation? They had already reached more than 15,000 people and this number continues to grow day by day. All this assuming you only told five friends. Imagine the number of people who knew a product thanks to you trying it and sharing your experience. It's incredible how much money you made the company that made the product even without knowing the favor you were doing.

In addition to traditional advertising, it is this effect that makes many companies very, very wealthy. With your help. But what about you? Was it not thanks to you that the product became known? Wouldn't it be fair for you to receive compensation for spreading the word about the huge number of people who knew about the product? Thanks to you? What would have happened if this company had paid you only 50 cents or a dollar for each friend who consumed that product? Or better yet, that you would also have been paid by the friends of your friends and also by the friends of your friends, of your friends. And so on. How much money would you have made? Just sharing your experience with that product? This does seem fair, right? The reality is that you are the one who is recommending products and the company is the one that is getting rich. Thanks to this, he not only earns millions of dollars, but thousands and millions of dollars.

And you are the one who is helping their products to be known. Well that can now change. Would you believe me if I told you that there is a company that manufactures products of value for the majority of people and is also willing to share part of its profits with you? If you start using their products and spread the word. What would you think if I told you that many people in the world have even left their well-paid jobs to dedicate themselves 100 percent to building consumer networks for these products? If this seems little to you, listen well. Many of them do not continue to expand their consumer network even today. In other words, he no longer works.

This is thanks to the fact that your network of friends can grow unlimitedly and generate profits only because the network consumes month after month. How does this work? You must first become a partner of this company, investing an amount of money at the beginning, in exchange for which you will receive a package of products. This initial investment can be recovered in a few months. Second, you should tell your friends about the product and encourage them to join and they will stay in their own network if they build their own network for you, because their own network will be your network and you will win for all of them. Third, you must help them expand their network. In this way, your earnings will multiply exponentially. As simple as that.

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