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How does marketing automation work?

Marketing Automation

How does marketing automation work? Surely your business is based on a marketing team that is in charge of trying to reach or attract visitors to your website, that is, looking for prospects, just as you will have a sales team, which will dedicate their time to collect, classify, organize and pursue those prospects or visitors. And how can you make your marketing team and sales team happy? You can achieve this by using marketing automation. And is that by automating all processes, you will allow your team to focus only on what they do best, attract new consumers and make sales. So how does marketing automation work? This works like this. For example, imagine your website is about exercise and you are offering a customized exercise package with different levels of interest to different people who visit your page.

Unfortunately, we know that more or less 98 percent of those visitors will not be willing to buy your product from the first visit. So how can you capture the attention of these visitors? We can achieve this by offering them something free. For example, offer them the 10 best exercise routines and to download them, all the visitor has to do is give their email and phone number through a subscription, thus achieving the generation of a prospect. And once a prospect is generated, an automated email must be sent so that the user can become familiar and stick with your offer.

Slowly. For example, one day after they downloaded their exercise routine, they were sent an automated email with a video of how to achieve an impact abs in just 10 minutes, and then two days later they were sent an automated email with the 10 recipes that every healthy person should cook. By doing this, what you are doing is following up with your prospects. This and preparing them and heating threads to increase their interest in your site. And this way you can talk about sales and with this it will be much easier to close a sale. With marketing automation, you can turn that one-time customer into an ambassador for your brand, product or service. For this, you first have to automate your marketing to retain consumer loyalty and generate buybacks of the next levels of your offer.

You can also make sales of crosses with complementary products or services, such as promoting vitamins and proteins on your page as food supplements, which are according to their new diet and you can also automate to make cyclical sales. An example of these might be offering an exercise program to stay in shape. Before the summer begins. After all this, your ROI is sure to be through the roof, as it automatically generates loyalty buybacks, crossover sales, and cyclical sales. You can turn a one-time purchase into a long-term buyer. Realize that marketing automation will help you to follow up and prepare the prospect, to desire and subsequently to want what you offer to get to a sale and not stop there, but keep them coming back more than once and again. . All this by saving time and effort for your marketing and sales team, as well as keeping consumers happy and of course, increasing your profits.


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