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Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Digital Marketing Trends 2020

We all know that the field of digital marketing is constantly evolving. That is why today we bring you 25 mega trends for next year. Last year we prepared a video with 15 digital marketing trends for 2019. This video was well received by our subscribers and that is why we come back with a new version this year with 25 trends and predictions. In addition, this year we have also prepared a super ebook that accompanies this video and that you can download in the description. It contains 130 digital marketing trends and predictions for 2020.

2020 Digital Marketing Trends Top 25

The first trend would be Wolfowitz soup. This is already a reality today, since Instagram and Facebook allow us to make purchases within their platform and not have to leave them. If you have a business, you can now tag your products within posts so the user clicks on them, goes directly to the product file, and completes the purchase.

The second trend would be that search engines are already being replaced by Market Places. Until today, search engines had been leaders in searches for products or services made by users. According to a study by Forrester, 50 percent of online purchases are made in the world's best-known market places such as Amazon, Alibaba, Jadi dotcom, eBay and it is also estimated that this figure will rise to 67 percent in the end of the next year.

The third trend is Sturridge Zapping. For years, storytelling has been used as the main tool to communicate your brand values ​​and seduce your potential customers. Basically, Storys Mapping's approach is to show how your brand has helped the customer to become the hero of their story.

The fourth trend would be the Yakima bottle, the Yaki barrel is a concept that we have developed from here in cyber clink and part of what was previously the New Yakima. The key to Joaquín's barrel is to find a valuable message related to your brand, values, product or service that you can link to this viral content found on social networks. For example, this year the Team Youth Challenge content went viral. This was a great opportunity for various brands to join the conversation and be part of this trending topic. Now we go with the trends of video marketing.

The number five trend would be Yousef Generated Content, that is, brands are now using the content that users upload about their products or services and use it as content to generate closeness, credibility and also that users feel identified and grateful with the GoPro brand. It would be an excellent example of how people who upload content to their video platform that they have made with their Gou Bross have been used by the brand to publicize everything that GoPro can do with their products.

Trend number 6 speaks of the increase in campaigns that use augmented reality. By this we mean that there will be more and more video campaigns that integrate this technological part within the campaigns. This is sure to increase post CTR and take ad engagement to another level. In other words, users can now try on products virtually or see how household items would look at home and thus be convinced and buy them much faster. Now we go with the trends in SEM and Google Ads.

Trend number 7 would be the Smart Bellatin with Smart Vidi. We want to say that now Google Ads allows us to activate this function to make automatic bids that are learned with the algorithm that works best, which converts better when and when to raise or lower the bids. Some types of Smart Bizim strategy are cost per acquisition, return on target ad spend, maximized conversions, and improved cost per click. In this way, Google has standardized the use of machine learning to optimize and automate bids. All at the same time. Therefore, marketers can save time and maximize our conversions.

Trend number 8 would be the start of Odin. This means that you can use audience targeting in ad groups to reach users based on their search habits and the interaction they have had with your brand or website. You can use different audience targeting in video and display search campaigns. Odin is Targeting is one of the latest updates from Google.

Another trend of Sem and that would be number 9 in our video is that of PPS Automation. The automation of pay per click has become one of the most powerful options to optimize the performance of our cameras. To take full advantage of the PPC automation feature, you need to let Google's algorithm work with your campaigns automatically for a while, so you can learn and improve your pay-per-click results. Now we go with the trends in social networks.

The trend at number 10 is the WhatsApp, Instagram, and Mesenger Costume Service. Now many brands are using these three channels to offer a much more personalized costume service to their customers and serve them much faster. This is already being seen with companies such as Vodafone in Germany, which now answers all the questions of its customers from WhatsApp.

Trend number 11 is TRUETT. The new Instagram FETS application was born to compete with Snapchat and make a much more exclusive social network. What Truett does is collect the information of those you have marked on Instagram as best friends and all the content you share within Streets can only be seen by those close friends previously selected by you. This gives you a point of exclusivity and adds a lot of value to the content you post in terms of privacy. It is important to note that right now the tweets application does not have advertising services, that is, from the Facebook managers we will not be able to carry out campaigns that will be displayed within this app, but without a doubt it is something to take away. take into account because possibly in the future this may arise.

The trend at number 12 is Tic-Tac and advertising within Tick Tock. Tick ​​Tock is a social network that is giving all marketers a lot to talk about and it has been a great surprise, since it now has 500 million active users and is a great tool to reach all that target generation Centennial. Currently Tic-Tac only has one advertising format and this is that you can insert advertising videos within the FIF of Tick Tock. Surely in the not too distant future we will be able to do much more advanced advertising within this platform. That is, we will surely have more locations, more formats, and more types of campaigns.

Trend number 13 is Pinterest advertising. We already knew that we had the option of advertising within this social network in certain countries such as the United States, Canada, New Zealand and some countries in Europe. But the novelty and the good news is that it is already available in Spain and although it is not yet available in Latin America, I am sure that in the next year we will see it implemented. One of the peculiarities of advertising on this social network is that it is much more similar to the advertising we see in SEM than the one we see in Social Ads. This means that advertising on Pinterest relies much more on user searches and keywords to show that promoter purpose. On the other hand, for Social Ads we do have an audience definition by interests or by some database or user behavior.

The trend in number 14 is progressive forms. We already know that users do not like to leave a lot of information first, when above all they have a first interaction with the brand. That is why we prefer in Inbound Marketing to start with short forms first and then ask them for more information as we download them into our sales funnel. But now, with the function of progressive forms, what we can achieve is that every time a user reaches a new content, even if we already have it captured, we can ask for different information so that this content is downloaded. This means that the user is identified by a cookie and when it reaches a content, the platform already identifies that that user is within its database and instead of asking for the same three fields, it requests three campuses with additional information.

Trend number 15 is the predictive rating of your leads. How all of us inbound marketers know how to get ID is just the first step. Then we have to rate it through the content and lower it into our conversion funnel until the elit is ready to go into sales. Previously, this was said through a lead scoring system, meaning when leads had a certain score they could be automatically assigned to a seller. Now, this will not be so necessary, since with HubSpot we can make a predictive qualification of potential leads. Automated that analyzes the behavior of users and what those users who are already customers or who are very close to buying them have in common, to have a list of qualified leads automatically and much faster.

Now we go with the trends of web design and user experience. Trend number sixteen is a much more inclusive web design. And by this I mean that from now on the websites will be designed for all types of audiences, who will be able to access and understand the content. By this I mean, for example, those who have hearing problems can find, for example, subtitled videos to access the content or for example in the contact option. Well, always giving the option of calling or leaving an email is simply thinking about all the sensory aspects that can help all kinds of people.

Now we go to the email marketing trends and the trend to number 17 would be shopping and email. Just as we now receive personalized information in campaigns, for example in Socha Labs, which already reach us with our tastes and habits about products that we have previously bought or tried. It is also anticipated that in the future we will be able to make and complete purchases from the emails themselves. That is, we already receive personalized emails with our shopping habits, but it would be great not to have to leave our platform to make the purchase, that is, complete it. Within the same email and in programmatic advertising trends we have the introduction of 5G.

Trend number eighteen is that by 2025 more than 1.1 billion users will have 5G technology. This will help us upload much higher quality content and ads without sacrificing load times. That is, everything will load much faster and we will not lose milliseconds that can cause the user to leave or not interact with our ads or advertising.

Trend number nineteen would be Aref One advertising. By this I mean all advertising that is outside your home and is presented through screens to impact a very large volume of people. How can it be in stadiums, festivals or even on public transport? This has the advantage that campaigns can be much shorter and more segmented depending on the location where these screens are located. In addition, all the information displayed on these screens can be controlled remotely, that is, from where the control of the campaigns is, it is possible to define what will be displayed in each campaign and for how long. Now we go with the Data Analytics trends.

Trend number 20 is the automation of data analysis. This is a very important trend, not only for Big Data departments, but also for small businesses that want to increase their productivity. This means that every time the platforms are going to capture more data and know how to interpret it, this will facilitate the preparation of reports and the organization of the data to know how to read better and make decisions much faster.

The 21st trend in the data would be conversational analysis and natural language processing. That is, all those platforms and machines that are capable of collecting and storing data will also be capable of, when you request the data, count it naturally and in a human language that is understandable to everyone. That is, you will not have to be an expert to understand basic analytics, since the machines will tell you in a very easy to understand way.

Now we go with the trends of content marketing. The twenty-second trend would be the bet to make much more content. And it is true that advertising now focuses much more on the user and less on the brand. That is why we are all approaching Preach Inbound now through valuable content. And it is that the response of users to valuable content continues to increase and that is why it is found that 29 percent of brands are increasing more in content in their annual strategy. Now we go with the brand content trends.

Trend number 23 would be branded content with influencers. And of course, we continue talking about influencers because influencers have proven their profitability in each of their niches and their social networks. Therefore, it is estimated that companies will continue to increase their investment in this type of strategy. And how do we know that the topic of influencers is something that is talked about a lot in the world of digital marketing and that it will continue to grow? If you want to learn more about influencer marketing, we recommend that you check it out. Course that we have prepared this year on influencer marketing that you can find in the description, in the link below and how we are talking about content marketing. Obviously, two of our tendencies should be desire.

That's why our 24th trend is position zero on Google. And you may be wondering what is zero position on Google? Well, the zero position refers to the response box that responds directly to the user's search in a very summarized way. And the user does not need to enter the article to solve the search problem. This is important because as voice search trends increase, position 0 positions you in search engines, in voice searches. That is, when you perform a search through your voice assistant, the content that is positioned within position 0 is always telera in response.

And our latest trend, number 25 would be Google's Rank Brain. And it is that now the Google algorithm for SEO searches continues to evolve and now, through artificial intelligence, it is already capable of recognizing those concepts that are hidden behind user searches. That is, through neural matching, Google can understand exactly what kind of question you are asking. That is, if you ask how old the president is, Google will know that you mean age by the term of how many years and it will show you in highlights the number that it will have extracted from a relevant article or from Wikipedia itself. And here we come with the 25 digital marketing trends for 2020. If you want to know more trends, don't forget to download the ebook.

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