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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

As entrepreneurs or business owners, we want to create a digital marketing strategy. Why? Because this helps us to take advantage of the different channels that currently exist to attract new customers to our business. Nurture them and convert them in this video I am going to explain to you how you can develop a digital marketing strategy and I am going to give you five specific and specific strategies so that you can start with all this within your business. In very simple words, there are two super important things in a marketing strategy. One is traffic and the other is conversion. Traffic refers to getting the right people and the conversion in which you have elements that help convert those prospects into customers. And it is what we are going to do. It is with the digital marketing strategy. It is to use the digital channels and each one as you talk about them. I'm going to explain why this channel is important. But what we are looking for is to use these channels so that you can have much better results.

You can more precisely reach your ideal client and therefore later convert them into clients and increase your sales in your business or in your venture. Okay, so that's what a marketing strategy is all about. It is also important to consider that there are different stages that a complete stranger must go through to buy from us. This is called the customer value journey and they must go through different stages. I will quickly mention them to you. The first is discovery, interaction, subscription, conversion, excitement, ascension, which is where we offer you our main products and additional offers.

Then comes the recommendation and finally, the promotion. So when we are creating a marketing strategy, we must consider these eight stages and the path that people must go through. The keyword here is sequence. Okay, then, since now you are clear on this issue of what a marketing strategy is, what I want to tell you are five specific strategies and channels that you can use to develop your marketing strategy. The first strategy I want to talk to you about is content marketing and content marketing. Maybe you've heard it many times, or maybe it's the first time you've heard it, but I want to tell you that this is nothing new. It has been around for a very long time. Do you remember that maybe a few years ago, or maybe you still do it when you open the newspaper? Imagine that you are reading the finance section and suddenly you are reading the finance section. You find an ad relevant to that, for that niche or that segment.

So, maybe you're reading the finance section and there they offer you some insurance or maybe they offer you a brokerage house, and so on. So what is happening here? That they are creating relevant content for a certain market segment. To attract you and then be able to present an offer that you make here. This is very important. How good I said! When I say the word offer I do not mean a discount, but to present them and offer them something. Then you are reading a finance newspaper and they make you an offer so that it is no longer a call with a financial advisor to invest in a brokerage house. That is content marketing. Now what changes when we talk about digital marketing? What changes is that digital media and digital media are used in the form of social networks, a blog, podcast, videos, and so on. And the advantage we have today is the democratization of the media. That means that there are not two or three companies that are controlling all the content we are consuming. We now have the ease and freedom of creating the content for our own audiences. So this makes it a lot easier and a lot cheaper than before. Think about how much it cost you, maybe 20 years ago or today you still have an ad on television. And you could also have something similar on YouTube, or have a similar ad on social media on Instagram and reach a more specific audience.

But that is a topic that I will talk about later. The important topic here is to share content marketing with you.

It refers to the fact that you create content of value for a specific market segment, that this specific market segment is your customer archetype. Do you create content of value for them that in this way you attract them so that later they can buy the products or services that you offer? An example that you are.

Living in this moment is this video. We are creating this video for entrepreneurs and business owners, as surely you are, to attract you with information that we know is of great value so that later if you see value in all this, if this makes sense, you can enroll in our courses, to our congresses, etcetera.

Before continuing with the video I would like to know more about you. What do you think if you leave us a comment? Can you tell us what your business is and what is your challenge to create a digital marketing strategy? Leave the comment.

Strategy Number 2

The second strategy I want to talk to you about today is video marketing, video. Today it is the means by which we consume the most information and we have the advantage that we all have a camera in our hands.

That means on your cell phone. Therefore, it is very simple for you to create videos by marking content around your business. This is why video marketing. I recommend that you consider it within your strategy, since the different social networks and digital media that exist also favor this type of content a lot.

It is enough that we see in recent years the growth it has had, including videos in short format such as Instagram stories, the new social networks that are emerging. All this type of content is what the media favors because it is what users want. So the number two strategy I wanted to talk to you about is specifically that video marketing. The third digital marketing strategy that I want to talk to you about today is digital advertising. What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising is the possibility that we have to buy space within the digital media that exist. You can do this, for example, within Facebook, within Instagram, within Google, even within YouTube and within other social networks.

This is the medium that they mainly use to monetize. And when we talk about digital advertising, we cannot stop talking about something very important which is remarketing. Remarketing is the ability that we have as advertisers to be able to return to MOTS, to show ads again to people who already interact with our content, to people who have already visited our pages.

And in this way we can create advertising much more relevant and meaningful for people.

Ok, the secret and the importance of digital advertising is that this is what will allow you to amplify much more the message that you have and amplify much more the scope of your business. Many business owners, many entrepreneurs, are afraid to invest in digital advertising because they perceive that perhaps it is something intangible and that they are simply giving money to Facebook, that they are giving money to Google. And the problem is that sometimes they try and have no results, but it is because they do not have a correct strategy. It is not because the medium or the channel does not work. So here it is very important to have the correct medium, the correct channel, the correct strategy for it to work.

Because believe me that the biggest secret that I could give you to really amplify your message and reach those goals that you have, is to use digital advertising properly.

The fourth tip that I want to give you today to create your digital marketing strategy is SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which means organic search engine positioning.

This is what we seek to do when we want people within the search engine, within Google, within YouTube, which by the way is also a search engine for videos of difference from pages like Google. What we want is that the important keywords for our business appear in the first places of the search.

Here I am going to give you a tip that I think can be very valuable.

I know that if you sell women's bags, you probably want when people Google women's bags, your result is number one.

The problem when you want to rank for such a keyword is that the keyword bags for women has very high competition. Imagine the amount of people that there are not only in your city, but all over the world, wanting to appear in that keyword to greater competition. More difficult is to position yourself. So what do I recommend that you choose? Long-tail keywords.

That means that if you want to sell bags for women, add more things. The keyword that all this you are going to put in your titles, in your subtitles, in the different places within your web page, within your Google Maybelline file is within your Facebook fanpage so that you can position yourself on that keyword . So imagine that you are in Mexico City and they are leather bags for women. Since you already want to position yourself rather in leather bags for women.

Mexico City and that when people look for that you appear and you will be much more relevant, because probably if Tubeless in Mexico City is not an e-commerce that makes deliveries nationwide. You only sell locally.

It is useless to position yourself on that specific keyword, but on that of people who are really looking for what you offer. And a second tip that I can give you for the topic of organic positioning is that you register your business and this works mainly in local businesses, that you register it in Google my business. This is completely free and what it allows you is to create a file of your business where you will put the relevant information, where your customers will have the opportunity to leave you reviews, where they will also position you on Google Maps and as people leave you. reviews, going to your place, etc., that will help you climb in the positioning of your business.

So those two things use long-tail keywords and also Google My Business, especially for local businesses.

And with this you will be able to get a little more traffic for your conversion elements through organic positioning. The fifth strategy I want to talk to you about today is email marketing. You probably think that this is from the 90's, that the mail is dead, but I invite you to reflect. Do you really know someone who doesn't have email? I don't .. So I think everyone has an email. But what is the problem? That we do not necessarily pay attention to what reaches us in the mail. It is a fairly saturated medium, but it is still one of the most profitable mediums.

That is why so many emails reach you, but here the secret is to be relevant. Then you must go creating with your content, with everything that we have already talked about previously. Create these audiences so that they leave you their email and in this way you can follow up on them through this medium.

Now, in this medium, it is not about giving you their email and you immediately want to sell them, it is about creating relationships. And the type of content that you must be sending through these emails is indeterminate.

This means so that they know you more about your brand, your product, your nutrition service, which is what it means. It is. You must educate your client about your product, about your service, about the problem they really have. Because maybe they think that their problem is one, but it is another, right? And finally, there is also the conversion part, which is once you already nurture and segment it to these people who gave you their email, then you invite them to take the next step and convert them into customers.

Strategy Number 5

Ok, so strategy number five is Email Marketing El Alto. Two seconds before we continue with the video, we have something for you here, check it out and I am going to give you a bonus strategy in this video and the bonus is influencer marketing and surely you have been listening to this term influencer and influencer, influencer and many years ago. people I have spoken to, many entrepreneurs and business owners. When they hear the term influencer they only think of people who have millions of followers on their social networks, probably even celebrities who have their social networks with more than 10 million followers or more than 100 million.

And that's crazy fans and they think that's the only kind of influencer out there.

But if we go a little further back, the definition of influencer has to do with that person having the ability to influence the decisions and actions of other people. That's. That is really what an influencer is. Not so much is linked to the number of followers, but in the ability they have to influence the circle of followers they have.

So I tell you all this because you can use influencer marketing within your business, but surely you are asking how Rubén, how am I going to do it so that Yuya Luisito communicates to the largest influencers in Mexico or if you are in another country, think about biggest influencer in your country.

Talk about my business and that's not what I'm inviting you to now. I am inviting you to create your own influencers like Rubert. Worse.

Ah, well look, what you should do is you already have clients at this moment and those clients that you have at this moment, there are probably some who are very satisfied with your services or with the products that you offer. They are the influencers that will bring the most return to your business. Then ask these people to share their experiences on their social media. You can even incentivize them in some way, but these. Influencers. And I put it a little in quotes, because it may not sound like that, they are the most valuable that you are going to have in your business, take advantage of them and monetize them. And of course, offer them something in return if it makes sense. But these are the influencers that are going to help you the most to convert and get new people for your business. Another thing is also the micro influencers, who are influencers who have much fewer followers, but unlike those who have a larger network of followers and the level of influence they have over certain people to make decisions or do things is greater. This works well, especially in local businesses. There are probably influencers in certain cities, in certain regions, in certain areas and who dedicate themselves uniquely and make content about something. For example, there may be influencers who visit restaurants in a specific city and are uploading their reviews, and so on.

If you have a restaurant, try to find this influencer, but that is locally, not the global influencer who talks about restaurants because he probably does not attract you either. Very good results. Do you want results at the local level?

Okay, so this is still an extra I wanted to give you, because I know that this topic of influencers is a topic that is talked about a lot, that is heard a lot and I want you as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, to understand this topic. from the perspective you require to have the results you are looking for, which is to increase your sales and get more clients.

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