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Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan

What is it and how to make a marketing plan? Imagine you want to go camping for the first time. If you don't initially make a list of items you may need and the right places to go, you could run the risk of arriving in a place with few conditions, forgetting some basic element, or not knowing what to do in dangerous situations.
The marketing plan is like that instruction sheet that tells you which are the best campsites.

The basics to bring and what to do in difficult situations. According to José Manuel Gómez, an expert in digital marketing strategy, the marketing plan is an organized and structured business management tool that analyzes the particular business model of each company to obtain specific purposes with certain resources through planning, execution and measurement of actions specifically designed to achieve these ends.

This tool consists of some basic sections within which it is necessary to specify certain stages that detail the current situation, the objectives, the strategies, the plan, the budget and the control methods to be carried out in the first section.

The current situation should talk about the market, the product, the competition, the distribution channels, the macro environment.

In addition, a SWOT matrix is ​​illustrated to begin to structure the route that our business should take. In the second point, the objectives must be established financial objectives and market objectives, based on the financial goals that are sought.

The third point is the strategies. It establishes a broad outline of how to carry out the fulfillment of the objectives.

The target market, the desired positioning, the line of products or services, the prices, the advertising to be handled, among other elements, are defined. The fourth point of the plan must answer each element reflected in the strategy, giving a solution to the questions that will be asked?

Who will carry it out? When is it due and how much will it cost to do it? The fifth section.

The budget summarizes the costs necessary to carry out all the actions of the marketing plan, this being the basis for being approved and having the necessary resources to schedule orders, set dates for the acquisition of materials, recruitment of personnel and other requirements.

As a last point, the control methods describe how progress will be monitored and includes contingency plans for unforeseen events.

Remember that if you want to enjoy a nice walk in the country, be previously informed and build a list of important things to pack will make your vacation more enjoyable. And if you want a guide to accompany you on this journey, you can subscribe to the channel or share this video with people who are interested in the adventures of marketing and communication.

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