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Affiliate Marketing 7 Programs To Generate Income

Affiliate Marketing

The seven best affiliate programs to generate passive and recurring income in 2020, let's get started. Well, to show you the great benefits of being an affiliate that works with programs that pay recurrently, I want to tell you that yesterday I was very pleasantly surprised because out of sheer curiosity I ended up in an account that I had as an affiliate a long time ago and I want to show you on my screen what did I find.

We are currently in my Active Campaign affiliate account and here, as you can see, I have a balance of $ 1,541 that I didn't even remember I had.

I have that balance because a while ago I recommended to my friend Santiago Paz and another friend that they will use Active Campaign as their email marketing platform, as their platform to send emails in bulk. And I had completely forgotten about it until yesterday when I logged in out of curiosity, by chance, and I found that I have $ 1,541 that has literally been generated in a passive way because they have continued to use that service. I have continued paying it and see that my screen had commissions of 40 dollars 50 and a 70 dollars 100 dollars here, one of 717 dollars 97 dollars. And I didn't even remember that this was getting to me. So I wanted to make a video talking about the great benefits of being an affiliate, but not an affiliate that sells products that are only paid once, but programs or services that are paid recurrently so that you can have many commissions generating only one first sale.

The first is the one I just showed you is Active Campaign. That software is very good because it has a very high retention rate. Active Campaign is an email marketing platform that allows people to communicate with their audience, that is, send emails in bulk. And it is a software that is very complete because it has a lot of tools to automate, a lot of tools to measure. It is software that actually works very well. I personally also use it. So how are you? Well, people who start using such software rarely stop using it. And what does that mean? Recurring commissions for you every month. You have to pay for that software every month to come up with a commission.

The best thing is that as your contact list grows, your email list increases, people will have to pay more for the service. That is to say, my friend Santiago Paz, as you can see who on my screen, a month in which he paid $ 717 that month, the payment of $ 3,500 sure had a large campaign. I needed to send a large number of people an email and for that reason I pay a lot of money. This month I got a commission of $ 717 in a single month. Imagine, that is the great advantage of software like Active Campaign. What you have to do? If you want to enter the affiliate program, we are simply going to search here for Activ Campaign affiliates. We googled and here is Afilie Partner. Here we find it. Ready. Become an affiliate. Here they make you join the affiliate program tpie like the whole process and basically tells you you have to create a Repair clients account and get paid and earn 30 percent of all the accounts that you refer. That is why I like this software so much, because I pay a good commission to do a service.

The retention rate is very good, then this highly recommended affiliate program. The second one that I want to recommend is Get Response. It is another software similar to Active Campaign. It is a tool that also allows you to automate emails. All email marketing. I used it for a while. I stick with Active Campaign, but many people prefer Response. Then the same develops your online business, increase your audience, promote services and sell products with marketing software that does the work for you. That's Jerry Sponge and if you want to know the Ripon affiliate program, just the same. Get Response Affiliates. Here we are going to get an affiliate program Get Response who tells us that we pay when referring customers to whom does it respond? Here they explain how the whole program works.

They say they have a bonus of $ 100 for each referral, 33 percent for every 20 referrals and fontal in a little of how the program works they give 33 percent every month, every month that users use this software, so 1000. The great advantage of recommending this type of software that number 2 on our list is Get rist. But hey, in this video, as always, I like to add much more value. I want to tell you that I am not only going to tell you about the software that pay you a recurring commission, but also that I am going to tell you how you can promote these software. For example, what would happen if for us to promote a software like Activ Campaign or Get Response we created a video on YouTube teaching small and medium businesses how to create a list of Emmys that we teach small and medium businesses to have a list of emails for saying something, a restaurant that a restaurant with people go and order the food, give them a small form or a small card where they ask for the email in exchange for a discount with the order of the food they have just ordered . The restaurant would start to make a database and with this database they could basically use Active Campaign or Get Response to communicate with their customers. As for the latest dishes and the latest promotions, if they are offering food delivery.

Anyway, this is a great way to get many restaurants to start doing Active Campaign or Giant Response and in that sense Hoto earn commissions from. All these restaurants. So what if you created a YouTube video or created an ad on Facebook or an ad on Instagram looking for small business owners, teaching them how to use that software in a completely free way and telling them that you give them a special bonus if they buy the software. through your affiliate link. Sounds like a good idea. Well, very good. So let's continue with the following software. The next super that I want to recommend you is Gou Dary, that terrific digital service. Gudari is a platform that basically allows you to buy domains E.com: or any type you want. It also gives you hosting, which also gives you tools so that you can manage your sites online. I have a lot of tools so that you can set up your site to host it and manage it again when you buy a domain. You have to renew it every year. What would happen if you, for referring domains every year, make sure that from now until the next 10 years you continue to earn a commission every time this domain is renewed? Or more interesting than this, people start by buying a domain, but suddenly they end up buying services like hosting to host their website, they end up buying security certificates, they end up buying tools to create web pages, a lot of things that gudari offers. The best thing is that on all the things or all the services that clients buy from Gou Dary because of your referral, you will earn a commission.

When you refer a client to gudari it is practically a client for life. Everything that keeps buying from you is the one that will get the commission. If we were to search for the Gudari affiliate program, we would simply put Gouda Hary Affiliate Affiliate Program Join our team gudari earn money from sales by promoting Gudari your site and choose from a wide selection of text or banner ads that are displayed adapt to your site. Cost or minimum purchases. You have nothing to lose. Earn a competitive commission through your affiliate link, from your affiliate link. Here they tell you as a little more details about the affiliate program. So what if you are a person who, for example, could have been a blog? Speaking of the benefits of creating a website, speaking for example, of the importance of many companies that have domains in Gmail or Hotmail Yahoo. Of many types. What if we taught these companies to have a domain of their own company? My dot-com restaurant my dot-com company is much more professional and you will help these companies to buy their domain so that you earn that first commission. And then if those people decide to use gudari's hosting or security services, you keep earning commissions again gudaris. A service where when customers start to use it, they practically stay for life. I do not know if in my case I am an affiliate of someone, but if I am an affiliate of someone, that someone is getting very good commissions, because every month I leave a good amount of money to gaydar and thinking why I love to buy domains, I have an addiction to buying domains, but don't tell anyone. The third is Gou Dary. We continue with clic phones. This is a very, very famous affiliate program in America. There are people who have literally become millionaires just by selling click Fornells to many people who need click phone websites for those who do not know it.

It is a builder of websites more than websites, of phone sales funnels that allows people to have their own sales funnel, regardless of the type of business they are. And the advantage is that it offers a free 14-day trial. Then people can simply test click phones for 14 days, set up their own sales funnel, their own website and from day 14 they start charging you and there you start to earn a 40 percent commission. This is click. Fornells is still software at a very high retention rate because it works extremely well and I really like that Clifford gives you many ways to refer the program and earn commissions. For example, Click Fonos has several books written by Rossel, Brunson, where he teaches the whole subject of digital marketing and literally gives the books away. So you can almost use your affiliate link to promote it on different sites and give away the books that Rossel Branson delivers. And in those books, basically Rossel teaches people the whole topic of digital marketing, sales funnels and at the same time he builds loyalty with respect to his software. So being a click funnel affiliate can be as easy as simply giving away the books he already wrote. The person only has to pay for the Chipping shipping and that's it. You give away books to people, they read the books, they become loyal, they end up clicking fols.

And you earn a monthly commission. Sounds amazing right? Now if we were to talk about the Click Phones affiliate program, let's just copy click affiliate forums. Let's copy it in English. I think it's only in English here. Then what entrepreneurs do is search on Google. We are going to enter here and it says Welcome to the affiliate program of clic Fonos earns up to 40 percent per month on a recurring basis.

And how can you do it? Promoting the Dotcom Secrets book, the Expert Secrets book Trafic Secrets book. You can also promote a challenge that they have, which is the One Fuenla Will Challenge. It is a challenge where they believe that in 30 days they end up having account results from their sales funnel, that the person will certainly continue to use the software. In short, there are many ways to be a click affiliate. Fonos even has a best practices document. Click. Full. It even has a bootcamp like in Training, where its affiliates are taught from scratch how to promote click phones. This show is amazing. Well, our number 4 click Fornells. Well, very good. How are we doing? Are you going to understand what I'm saying? Are you understanding the importance of a referral program, a program that pays you consistently every month? If users continue to use the software and its excellent. If you are liking all this content, I want to invite you to subscribe. I want to invite you to touch him down here, subscribe to my channel so that you continue to see many more videos like that. Then hit it. Subscribe

Insta Paige Instapic is a software that also allows to make web pages, landing pages, capture pages or simple instapic funnels. It is very, well known that many people make their landing telles, that is, their landing pages in that software and they will continue to use it and pay it monthly in this Page Affiliate 50 percent Ginette 50 percent instapic commission for marketers, for agencies or for influencers, that is, having 50 percent of everything people pay in two steps. Simply share your affiliate line and earn commissions. That simple Now I want to share. For example, if it were the case of Click Fornells or and Peih-Gee urges, how could I do affiliate marketing?

One way is by making announcements saying how would you like increased click today? Fornells a book where you learn all the strategies to be successful in the digital world. It's fine in the case, for example, of instapic. What if you create a video on YouTube or create an ad where you explain to business owners how to have their own website and how they can build it themselves? Or for example to influencers that you say today I can make you a very simple web page, you send them a direct message on Instagram. I do not screw you at all, you simply pay the cost of the tool called click funnel instapic. I make the website free for you and I already do it because I love your content. Great. You are not going to start earning commissions every month and the influencer is going to be happy because they have their own website and a commission comes to you every month. Every month, every month, every month. And what if you use the template you used to create the first influencer's website and you sell it to ten other influencers and then ten influencers end up with their own website made on clic phones on instapic.

So above all, you are earning a commission. Imagine, it would be great. Let's continue with the following affiliate program that we are talking about your Dary Tub Vary so that you do not know it. It is a tool that allows people to optimize their videos so that when they upload it to YouTube they are much easier to search. That is, when people search for a topic, the video that has been uploaded to YouTube appears in the first positions. That is what your Vary offers, because it is a software that for example I personally use. The truth is that it works supremely well. Imagine that you are a person who is producing content like this and looking for your videos to rank in YouTube search for many more people to see. Would you be willing to pay for a service where they basically teach you how to structure the tags of your videos, the titles of the keywords, how to optimize everything so that your voice ranks better on YouTube? Of course. I personally am a paid user than you, Vary. So why not use this software and refer other people the same? What if you looked for different youtubers or different people who are starting to upload content and just tell them about this software and offer them free advice? And you say how today I have seen that you are generating content and I want to recommend a tool that will help you better position your videos on YouTube, if you want we have a one-hour consultation in which I will tell you how you can use that software. It is completely free. I just love your content and want it to rank higher. You make the call with that person for its more than a video call. You explain how the tool is used and then ask if he liked it. You say look in return. Therefore, in case you want to see the tool, I would appreciate it if you would do it through this link, because this way I will get a small commission. That simple

Now, if we want to live the TV Buri program, we look for Tuff Vary affiliates. Yes in Spanish. I had several filmed. I think we are not looking for affiliate in English and here is the affiliate program. It is 50 percent recurring. We pay you to tell people about your bury díl, people about your bury that those people pass because your Buri has a membership that is free.

And it is that the people who at a certain moment start the paid plan, you begin to earn the commissions. So those people fall in love with the tool, because the truth is that it works very well.

When they go to the payment plan that happens, you start making money, then you have 50 percent recurring. This page is where you can start as an affiliate of your Vary. It works very well. You pay 50 percent of the retention rate for people in the service. It is also supremely service number 6 Stuff Vary and we go with number 7 at number 7 is Shopify. Shopify I don't know if you know it. If you don't meet her all of a sudden, you've suddenly been sleeping under a rock or something, because Shopify is the number one platform at the time. For what? To create electronic businesses, stores, pages that sell products on the internet. Shopify has an incredible retention system because people literally wake up software for how easy it is to use. Many of the stores you see right now are using Shopify and getting great Shopify results and creating a business no matter what you sell. Create your business online. They give them templates, they teach them, they have tutorials, they can sell sneakers or whatever you want. It adapts to desktop version or mobile version whatever comes to mind. Oscar in Spanish. Let's see what we find. Shopify and Affiliates Here is Shopify Affiliate Program by Shopping Affiliate Marketing Program and sign up now. Empower your audience, commissions, support, content that is, they themselves give you content so that you can promote Shopify and here you can find a little of the stories of certain affiliates. My blog works great that we even look at says affiliates. Well, this is where you log in as an affiliate and you should be logging in as a shopping affiliate.

Now, how to make money being a Shopify affiliate? The same. What if you talk to those people who have a small store and I will urge those people who sell bags, handbags, shoes, accessories, clothes, cell phones, I don't know. And you tell them today I want to build a website for you on Shopify, I'm going to build it for you. A very simple website for customers to buy through this service. Let me create the account, create the account for you and I just peppy the person. The owner of the store will personally enter the credit card and how you created the account in Shopify with your own affiliate link. From that moment, every month that person is using the store, you will earn a commission. What if you re-create a video tutorial explaining how to create a Shopify store from scratch? Then you make announcements with that store to people who may be interested in having their own virtual store. You tell him In this video I'm going to explain how to create your own Shopify store. You explain everything and tell him that if you are interested in joining Shopify and gaining additional training that I personally am doing, then Toja in the link below. Join Shopify. When you're done, contact me via that email to send you a free training on how to make your store get more sales on Chappy than simple as it is. So this is Shopify number 7.

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